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Managing Director, Moelis & Company, Investment Banking

Beyond the confines of corporate offices and balance sheets, Roger Hoit is a remarkable athlete and a patron of the arts. An avid golfer, his achievements in the sport are numerous. He has competed in over 25 National Championships and three professional “Major Championships,” distinguishing himself as a formidable amateur golfer. Most recently, in 2022, he had the honor of representing the United States in the biennial Bridges Cup, and participated in the USGA® Qualifying event. His accolades in golfing span from participating in high-profile events like the US Senior Amateur to winning over 30 Club Championships at various elite clubs.

He is also a gifted photographer whose work transcends mediums, from SLR to drone photography. His work has found a platform at the DeCastellane Gallery in Brooklyn, where it was featured in a show called “The Eyes of Africa.” His online portfolio and Instagram presence have garnered attention, reflecting another facet of his boundless creativity.

In his sphere, Roger shares his life with Gentry Ashmore Hoit, his wife of 33 years. Residing in Delray Beach, Florida, Gentry has made her mark in commercial real estate and serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Transcendant Electra in Miami. They have two accomplished children: Morgan, the Associate Director of Social Media for Atria Books, and Jackson, an Associate at Moelis & Company.

Visit his primary website at https://roger-hoit.com/

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Roger Hoit Golf

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